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Safe Yoga Classes to Heal AND Prevent Injury

Safe Yoga Classes - Lakewood CO
Yoga Instructor Casey Buell-Schoenman
safely guiding patient

"After having massive spinal surgery,
Belmar Physical Therapy's Yoga Classes
have been so helpful
improving my recovery
and helping me
feel normal again. Casey
makes sure
I'm safe and comfortable,
and shows me
how to use props {such as a chair}
I can get all the benefits of Yoga
even with my physical limitations
after surgery. 
Thank you for the special care!"
- Jon R.

Yoga might be different than you think!  Especially in our classes, where you'll get the extra attention and guidance you could never get at a normal yoga class.  Suffering from pain, or recovering from injury?  We'll guide you SAFELY so you not only relieve pain, but also help prevent further injury.

Our Yoga classes could GREATLY benefit you, especially if you are:

  • Recovering from surgery or injury
  • Suffering from acute or chronic pain
  • Over-Stressed from daily "life" in a fast-paced world
  • An athlete looking to prevent or recover from injury
  • You think you can feel better, but you're not sure how or why you're not feeling your best




Wednesdays 2pm
Drop-in class - $10

Our Introduction Yoga Class is a very gentle class perfect for those looking to have a structured  introduction and a safe foundation in to yoga. 

This class is geared toward modifying poses and using the correct props so that all participants can get the benefits of every pose, both safely and effectivley. 

This class is open to all, but is catered to those with injuries, post-surgery, the extra stiff, or anyone who has less of a foundation with exercise and movement.


Want to know more? 
Continue reading below to see how we take care of you in our Safe Yoga Classes.

Yoga classes in Lakewood
After explaining health conditions, injuries, and surgeries - Casey will help you through every pose, and make sure you know where and when to careful, not push too hard, and how to get the most benefit from each easy pose.


Safe Yoga Poses for Injury Recovery - Belmar CO Safe Yoga in Lakewood CO
After surgery on the neck, Casey shows a great pose to help heal injury, and help  improve posture to avoid more problems in the future.

Picture 1:  Notice how shoulders are "bunched up" against the neck.  Bad!

Picture 2:  Properly guiding yoga pose so shoulders are relaxed and full yoga benefits are experienced without harm to injured area.

Notice how patient uses a chair as a prop to help posture and aid in achieving the yoga pose in a comfortable, safe way.


Safe Yoga Classes - Belmar Physical Therapy Lakewood CO
Constant attention, and props help improve flexibility - even when several parts of your body are stiff.

We make sure we know your injuries, surgery history, or other health concerns that might limit your abilities.  Then we work around your conditions to allow you the physical and emotional benefits of performing Yoga.


Safe Yoga Classes - Belmar CO
This back surgery patient had tried yoga before, and wanted to try a full pose.

While he was able to reach the floor with his hand, his spine was twisting improperly and he was uncomfortable.


Yoga Classes for injury
By using a foam brick to move his hand off the ground, we achieved a healthy straight spine, and comfort in the stretching pose.

Yoga Class benefits include:

  • Decreased Pain
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improved Muscle Function
  • Better Posture
  • Better Balance
  • Reduced Stress

Every BODY is different, which is why our Yoga classes are different than any other class in town.  Licensed Yoga Instructor Casey Buell-Schoenman  also holds 9 certifications in Massage Therapy, and works closely with the Physical Therapy Doctors in the Belmar Physical Therapy Clinic - so everyone attending each Yoga class will get extra special care and care, paying special attention to your health conditions, injuries, and limitations.

Additionally, Casey has specialized training for pre-natal massage therapy and yoga, AND post-natal massage therapy and yoga.