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Patient Education for Improved Health

Expert Patient Education - Belmar Physical Therapy
Patient Education is a part of our Mission.
We'll help you understand your condition, 
explain how our treatments will help,
and answer all your questions.

Physical Therapy and Medical-based Massage Therapy is more than us simply "doing treatments" for you.  What most other clinics forget is that Patient Education during your treatments is a vital part of your care, and can dramatically speed your recovery and prevent further injury.

Besides, you should know what's going on!

Our entire staff is friendly, caring, and ready to listen and share as much time and information as it takes so you better understand what's going on with your body.

Better understanding of your care can:

  • Speed recovery time
  • Improve healing results
  • Prevent further injury
  • Increase your confidence
  • Motivate you to learn more and improve your health in other areas


Understanding your Diagnoses and/or Condition
Knowing you are recovering from an injury, or surgery, or experiencing symptoms simply isn't enough for you to know exactly how YOUR BODY is reacting and healing.  You are unique!  Your sprained ankle or torn rotator cuff is different than others.  We will take the time to hear how you feel, where it hurts, how it happened, then explain and show you exactly why you have symptoms, and how your body is working so that we can better treat you, and you can better understand why we're approaching your care a specific way.

Understanding Treatments and Therapies
Now that you understand your conditions better, we're going to explain to you what we're going to do, how we're going to do it, and why we're using certain therapies to improve your health.  We'll also explain why, in some cases, one therapy will be used before another - such as using tradition Physical Therapy Treatments before you get a Massage.  There are clinical and medical reasons we approach your care - we think you should understand what we're doing and why. 

Answering Your Questions
Our job is to help you feel better, no matter what.  How can we help you feel better if we haven't heard you explain how you feel and ask questions about your health?  During your Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy Treatments with us, we will sit with you and make sure your questions have been answered, and that we've spent enough time hearing how you feel so we can keep you on the path to true healing and improvement.

Not sure if we can help?
Just give us a call.  We'll be glad to help you better understand what might be going on, and even refer you to other trusted doctors in the area if your condition isn't best treated at our practice.  We are here for you to feel better, let us help!