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What Are The Best Exercises For Low Back Pain?

Transversus Abdominus And Multifidus

This is a question I get asked a lot at various social gatherings.  A recent study supports our philosophy regarding exercises for low back pain.  This study concluded that “Motor Control Exercises” reduce persistent low back pain.What Are “Motor Control Exercises” for Low Back Pain?

First a little anatomy:The lumbar spine has 2 major muscle groups. The deepest of these 2 groups is the “Inner Unit”.  This group of muscles consists of the Transversus Abdominus and the Multifidus.  These muscles attach to each vertebrae in the low back and are responsible for controlling movement of these vertebra.  The second group of muscles called the “outer unit”  consists of the bigger more powerful muscles that go from the rib cage to the pelvis.  These muscles are responsible for moving the entire spine.

Studies have shown that during normal movement the “inner unit” contracts first to stabilize each vertebrae then the “outer unit” contracts to move the entire spine.  These same studies have shown us that when a person with low back pain moves the “inner unit” does not contract until after the movement starts to occur.  This late contraction results in uncontrolled movement and low back pain.

OK… Enough anatomy!  What Are Motor Control Exercises?“Motor Control Exercises” restore the normal contraction pattern by first learning how to isolate the “inner unit”.  Next, the patient is taught to contract these muscles in different postures, then later in more challenging activities.  This type of program requires a skilled physical therapist with the ability to identify the problem muscles then work closely with the patient to teach them how to get the muscles working properly again.

Our Team at Belmar Physical Therapy are trained in this specific skill. If you live in the Lakewood, CO area and would like help alleviating persistent low back pain give us a call at (303) 274-2404 or email us here >>

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Six Keys to Finding a Quality Physical Therapist.



Don’t Go to a Physical Therapy Mill!Over the years, the declining reimbursement for Physical Therapy services has resulted in some clinics instituting approaches designed to increase revenue. Unfortunately, one of these approaches is to see more patients in less time which can result in poor quality of care. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a physical therapist or physical therapy clinic:

Six Keys to Finding a High Quality Physical TherapistA Patient Centered Approach is one of the most important qualities of a successful physical therapist. With this type of approach the physical therapist educates the  patient about their condition, encourages questions and collaboration, and involves the patient in treatment decisions.Licensed Physical Therapists. Choose a clinic in which the care is provided by a licensed physical therapist.Custom Exercise Prescription. The physical therapist should provide exercises that are specific to your needs and not use a “one size fits” all approach to exercise prescription.Individual Attention. Choose a clinic with physical therapists that see one patient at a time.  Some clinics require their therapists to “double book” or even “triple book” patients  in order to increase revenue.Integrated Treatment. Look for a physical therapist who utilizes a combination of manual therapy, individualized exercise programs and advice regarding self management when treating patients.Long Term Results. Be wary of clinics that over-utilize treatments such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, laser, hot packs and cold packs.  These treatments may offer short-term comfort, however, they offer very little in regards to long term results.

Remember: You have a choice regarding your physical therapy treatment location.  Interview the physical therapist and make sure they are the right fit for you.  If you would like to interview any of our physical therapists you can call Belmar Physical Therapy at (303) 274-2404, stop by our location in Lakewood, CO or visit our Contact Us page.

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Low Back Pain Got You Down? Choose Your Physical Therapy Clinic Wisely.

In order to cut costs many physical therapy clinics who treat low back pain are utilizing non-professional staff such as physical therapy assistants and aides to perform treatments.  We believe that this reduces the quality of care and leads to poorer outcomes.

A recent study of over 100 clinics that treated over 16,000 patients with low back pain supports our belief.  This study found that the patients who received treatment by a licensed physical therapist had the best results (largest amount of pain reduction with fewer visits).  Patients seen in clinics where the care was delivered by a physical therapist assistant had worse outcomes with more visits and less pain relief!  Our health care dollars do not grow on trees thus the results of this study confirm that the appropriate choice to reduce your back pain and cut health care costs is to choose a clinic that does not utilize aides or assistants for treatment.

Read this article "Treatment of Patients with Low Back Pain" >>   Make the right decision in who you choose to help you improve your health and relieve pain!

If you live in the Lakewood or Denver metro area, contact Belmar Physical Therapy to discuss how one-on-one treatment with one of our physical therapists can help you manage your low back pain.

Contact us today for an evaluation >>  We will take the time to listen to your needs completely and get you on the path to recovery.

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