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Does All of Your Stress Go Right to Your Neck?

People often talk about stress and tension build up in the neck. The common thought is that massage is needed to “get the knots out.” While massage is usually effective in decreasing pain it is often only short term relief. Usually chronic neck tension is caused by muscle weakness around the scapula (shoulder blades) and neck. 

A physical therapist and medical massage can do the necessary massage techniques to help decrease pain, and then give specific exercises to  help strengthen muscles to alleviate chronic neck tension.

Another common reason for neck tension and pain is often related to our jobs and computer use. Small repetative motions can seem unharmful, but when repeated hundreds of times a day it is no wonder how common it is to have pain after a days work.

A new website called Ergonomics Simplified offers a free ergonomic evaluation that can be helpful in creating proper positioning at your desk. It also gives technique related tips to help stop the source of pain.

If you’d like more personal attention then make an appointment with a physical therapist at Belmar Physical Therapy. We’ll help you improve specific muscle strength and work with you to properly set up your desk; two simple steps to help you decrease neck tension in no time!  Contact us here >>

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Is Work Giving You a Pain in the Neck? Try Giving Your Muscles a Break.

BAD EVOLUTION - Causing Neck and Back Pain

Prolonged sitting at a desk or computer terminal can cause muscle tension and pain.  Most of the time this pain is your muslces crying out for a break.  Remember your head weighs about 10 pounds (the same weight as a bowling ball).  Imagine holding a bowling ball for 8 hours.  Get the picture?  The best way to prevent this problem is by giving your muscles the frequent break that they deserve.

Taking 1 to 3 minutes every hour to perform some simple stretches can make a big difference.  We have provided some sample stretches that can be placed by your computer as a reminder.  Try performing one or two or all of these stretches every hour depending on time.  If any of the stretches increase your pain eliminate them from the list.

If your pain persists even after trying this regimen you may need a more thorough evaluation and treatment.  Contact Belmar Physical Therapy to find out how we can help you eliminate your neck pain.

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