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Do You Have Numbness and Tingling in Your Legs or Feet? It May Be Spinal Stenosis.

Peripheral Neuropathy - Foot Leg Tingling

Peripheral neuropathy can cause foot and leg tingling, and be a sign of worse things to come.

Are you suffering from pain, numbness or tingling in your legs or feet?It might actually be a problem in your low back, even if you don’t have back pain. Symptoms such as these that radiate down the legs may be from a condition called spinal stenosis.

What is Spinal Stenosis?Injuries or age-related changes to the discs that lie between the vertebrae can cause degeneration and loss of disc height.  Over time, this results in decreased space between the vertebrae, causing pressure on the nerves where they exit the spine.  Repeated or prolonged compression on the nerves in the lower region of the spine can cause symptoms anywhere from the low back to the toes.  These symptoms include pain, decreased sensation to hot and cold, and numbness or tingling.  The symptoms of spinal stenosis typically get worse with standing or walking (which causes narrowing of the spinal canal) and decrease upon sitting (which causes opening of the spinal canal).

Treatment for Spinal StenosisThe good news is that these symptoms can be improved or even resolved with proper physical therapy. A good physical therapist will identify any strength and flexibility imbalances that exist around your spine and address those deficiencies with proper exercises. Core stabilization activities are especially effective for people with spinal stenosis. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, try the exercises shown in this handout.

Belmar Physical Therapy Can HelpIf your symptoms are persistent and you live in the Denver or Lakewood, CO area, our physical therapists can design a treatment program to meet your specific needs. Call Belmar Physical Therapy at (303) 274-2404 to get started on the path to resolving your symptoms.  Or click here to email us your questions >>

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More Evidence Supporting Thoracic Manipulation for Neck Pain

In a previous post we discussed the benefits of thoracic manipulation for neck pain.  In this post we listed 5 studies that showed good results when this form of treatment was used.  Well, we can now add a 6th study to the list.  A research study published last month in Manual Therapy assessed the effectiveness of thoracic manipulation for patients with chronic neck pain.  The study showed that thoracic manipulation was effective in reducing pain, increasing range of motion and improving function.  The researchers followed up with the patients 6 months after treatment and found the same results.

The results of these studies clearly point to the fact that thoracic manipulation should be considered as part of the overall treatment regimen for neck pain.  When choosing a physical therapist for the treatment of neck pain we strongly encourage you to ask the therapist if they use this type of treatment.  If you live in the Lakewood, CO area and would like to try thoracic manipulation along with education, specific exercise and other manual therapy techniques contact Belmar Physical Therapy at (303) 274-2404.


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Does Pain Prevent You From Exercising? Aquatic Therapy May Be The Answer.

Belmar Physical Therapy is very excited to announce that we are now offering aquatic therapy! We have joined up with Easter Seals Colorado in Lakewood and can now provide individual and group aquatic therapy in the warm water therapy pool.

In the warm water therapy pool, joints are unloaded, circulation is increased, flexibility is enhanced and strengthening can be pain-free. Our physical therapists can help your patients improve their mobility, function, and quality of life in a safe and comfortable environment. After developing a personalized aquatic therapy program with our physical therapists, Easter Seals has cost effective membership opportunities for patients who want to continue to make aquatic therapy a part of their daily lives.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy:

Unload your Joints and Spine with less gravityBuild Core Strength and improve BalanceDecrease Pain by reducing muscle spasmsGain FlexibilityChallenge your Cardio EnduranceImprove your Circulation and Decrease SwellingRelax as the warm therapy pool inhibits pain, anxiety, and depression

Ideal for patients:

Who experience pain while exercisingReturning to exercise after surgeryWho have a fear of fallingHave significant swelling in their feet, legs, or armsWho want to improve their strength, flexibility, or cardiovascular endurance

If you live near Lakewood, CO and are interested in exercising with less pain call Belmar Physical Therapy at (303) 274-2404.

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