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Low Back Pain Got You Down? Choose Your Physical Therapy Clinic Wisely.

In order to cut costs many physical therapy clinics who treat low back pain are utilizing non-professional staff such as physical therapy assistants and aides to perform treatments.  We believe that this reduces the quality of care and leads to poorer outcomes.

A recent study of over 100 clinics that treated over 16,000 patients with low back pain supports our belief.  This study found that the patients who received treatment by a licensed physical therapist had the best results (largest amount of pain reduction with fewer visits).  Patients seen in clinics where the care was delivered by a physical therapist assistant had worse outcomes with more visits and less pain relief!  Our health care dollars do not grow on trees thus the results of this study confirm that the appropriate choice to reduce your back pain and cut health care costs is to choose a clinic that does not utilize aides or assistants for treatment.

Read this article "Treatment of Patients with Low Back Pain" >>   Make the right decision in who you choose to help you improve your health and relieve pain!

If you live in the Lakewood or Denver metro area, contact Belmar Physical Therapy to discuss how one-on-one treatment with one of our physical therapists can help you manage your low back pain.

Contact us today for an evaluation >>  We will take the time to listen to your needs completely and get you on the path to recovery.

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