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Baseball Players Can Effectively Prevent Shoulder Injuries.

If you desire a long and successful career in baseball, at any level, read further to see how Physical Therapy can help you achieve your goals. Physical Therapy For Baseball Athletes

In the last two decades, top level managers have focused less on speed and more on injury prevention for success in the sport of baseball.

My Shoulder Already Hurts, What Do I Do?
Even if you’re currently experiencing shoulder pain, it’s not too late!  Many injuries can be successfully treated with a well-structured and carefully implemented non-operative rehabilitation program by a Physical Therapist.

The overhead throwing motion is an extremely skillful and intricate movement that is very stressful on the shoulder joint complex. The overhead athlete places extraordinary demands on this complex. The thrower’s shoulder must be loose enough to allow extreme motion, but be stable at the same time. This requires a delicate balance. Experts refer to this balance as the “thrower’s paradox.”  Scientific studies show that changes occur in the shoulder from the repetitive microtrauma that occurs during overhead throwing.

The Types of Injuries That Occur Are:

  • Impingement
  • Biceps Tensonitis
  • Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

The physical therapists at Belmar Physical Therapy continuously review the scientific literature in order to provide the most successful treatment possible. Physical therapy treatment focuses on the restoration of normal movement of the shoulder complex during the rehabilitation program.

The Treatment Consists of:PhysicalTherapyForShoulderInstability-LakewoodCO

  • Controlling inflammation.
  • Restoring muscle balance.
  • Improving soft tissue flexibility.
  • Improving strength of the throwing muscles.
  • Enhancing control of the shoulder complex.

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