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About "bones," what you probably didn't know

Bone Health Lakewood Physical TherapyHere's some really great information on Bones, and how your muscles work with bones to create your amazing structure.


Peak bone mass happens in our late 20s to early 30s.

Bone loss occurs at the rate of 0.5% per year after the age of 40.

Post menopausal women lose bone at the rate of 5-6% per year for up to ten years.

Our bones serve many purposes, including:

  • Storing calcium and phosphorus
  • Producing blood cells
  • Storing adipose
  • Protecting organs
  • Supporting our weight
  • Giving form to our body and providing attachments and articulations for movement

Risk factors for osteoporosis include:

  • Decreased calcium and vitamin D
  • Inactivity
  • Smoking
  • Drinking more than three drinks a day
  • Eating disorders
  • The following also play a role:  being female, age, being overly thin, diabetes, thyroid deficiency, gastrointestinal disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, end stage renal disease, congestive heart failure, depression and metabolic acidosis.

Physical therapy for aging bones and osteoporosis is helpful for the following reasons: Decrease risk of falls, increase bone mass and strength, improve balance, posture, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness and to help decrease depression.


The role of muscles include giving our body structure and shape, thermoregulation, stabilize joints, support other tissues, bone density, joint nutrition, neural input, maintain posture, promote cardiovascular function and health.

As muscles age, the following things happen: weakness starting in our 30s, decreased speed of contraction and relaxation, loss of power, quicker to fatigue, decreased cross section and number of fibers, decreased reaction times, decreased protein metabolism and loss of mitochondria.

Physical therapy for muscle weakness can be beneficial and home exercise can be done as little as three times a week lifting weights for three sets of 6-8 repetitions.

Contact us for more information about how you can prevent serious health conditions, imbalance, or disease in the future.  Our team of doctors and therapists can build custom health plans for you to improve your health today, for a better tomorrow.

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