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New Patients - Belmar Physical Therapy

We make your visit as easy as possible!
We're here to help.
If you're not able to complete paperwork ahead of time,

simply ask us for help when you arrive.

Make your first visit a breeze!
We want you to spend more time healing and feeling better, instead of filling out paperwork in our office.

Please print and complete the **required forms below, and then print and complete additional forms if they are specific to your condition (eg: complete "Neck Pain Questionnaire" if you are experiencing Neck Pain).

Click to view and print **1.  Statement of Privacy Form
Click to view and print **2.  Pain Indicator Form
Click to view and print **3.  Medical Screening Form


BELOW FORMS NOT REQUIRED. Below, select and complete ONLY the forms that apply to your condition.  We do not need you to complete them all!  :) 
Just the specific conditions you are suffering from.

Click to view and print 4. Low back and/or sciatica pain
Click to view and print 5. Neck Pain Questionnaire
Click to view and print 6. Arm, Shoulder, Hand Pain or Difficulty Questionnaire
Click to view and print 7. Hip, knee, and or foot and ankle pain
Click to view and print 8. Vertigo / Dizziness Questionnaire
Click to view and print 9. Aquatic Therapy Registration Form


 Prepare for your first Physical Therapy Appointment

 1) What To Wear
You’ll need to expose the body part that is effected (knee, shoulder, back, etc.) Loose fitting apparel such as sweats and t-shirt are ideal, otherwise you may have to use a gown.


2) What To Expect
Be prepared to undergo a complete physical exam on your first visit. It may take between 45-60 minutes for the entire visit.


3) Payment/Insurances
The office should be open in discussing prices and costs with you. The last thing you want is an unexpected bill later. If you intend to use your insurance, call the number on your card and verify your deductible and coinsurance before your first visit.


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Get better quickly

"Everyone from the front office, the billing specialist and the Physical Therapists are VERY knowledgeable and friendly and I enjoyed my Physical Therapy visits. They answered all my questions and got me better quickly."
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