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Choosing the best Physical Therapy Clinic

Your HEALTH is the most important priority! 
Make sure you put your care in the hands of a caring clinic,
from the front-desk staff to every licensed therapist and doctor!

How To Choose The Right Physical Therapist

Make sure that if you choose a different Physical Therapy Clinic, you are cared for properly.


Belmar Physical Therapy

  • Dedicates ONE Physical Therapist to you, personally, for the course of your full care.  We won't dump you on multiple assistants or bounce you around to other Physical Therapists.  We are dedicated to you, individually.
  • Educates you on home/self exercises to accelerate progress and results.
  • Works to make sure you see results fast, and within your benefits (or plan)
  • Pays attention to your progress and works to make sure your results are LONG-term, instead of a "quick-fix" for relief.
  • We are dedicated to learning new advanced skills and techniques so we may offer every patient the best evidence-based care.
  • Friendly, welcoming, and clean environment.
  • Community involvment is important to us, donating our time and services for health fairs and other local events.

Be wary of:

  • Clinics that have you return for several visits without seeing/feeling improvement.
  • Seeing a different Physical Therapist every visit, or being handed off to Assistants after just a few minutes with the Physical Therapist.
  • Visiting and not learning something new each time
  • Clinics that don't offer you Self-Care and Home Exercises.  These instructions are essential for fast results.
  • Running out of insurance benefits before your goals are met.
  • Facilities that overuse “passive” treatments such as heat, ice, ultrasound, massage or electrical stimulation.  These treatments should never be the main part of your program for any length of time.  These treatments are helpful with certain conditions but typically should not be used early and weaned off quickly.

 Read our Blog "Six Keys to Finding the right Physical Therapist" for even more guidance.
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Get better quickly

"Everyone from the front office, the billing specialist and the Physical Therapists are VERY knowledgeable and friendly and I enjoyed my Physical Therapy visits. They answered all my questions and got me better quickly."
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