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Casey Buell-Schoenman, MT


Casey Buell-Schoenman - Therapeutic Massage Therapy Lakewood CO Belmar
Casey Buell-Schoenman, MT
  - Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist (Medical-based Massage Therapy)
  - Registered Yoga Instructor

Specialties:  Registered Massage Therapist with certifications in Structural Integration, Neuro-Muscular therapy, Oncology Massage Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage, Pre-natal and Post-natal massage therapy and yoga. I am also a Registered Yoga Instructor. 

Treatment Philosophy:  I derive tremendous reward from witnessing your journey past pain and injury - into a more comfortable and healthy life. I am also very passionate about the Physical Therapy profession and believe that Medical Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy work extremely well together to improve our clients' health even faster.  I see myself purely as a facilitator - putting things in motion within the soft tissue, and as an educator that teaches with the right stimulus self-healing is always possible.

Education:  I developed a passion for fitness in my early teens as a gymnast and rock climber. As a U.S. Marine I received rehabilitative therapy for Injuries I had received, which gave me great respect for PT and turned me toward yoga and yoga instruction, and then massage therapy. I became a Yoga Instructor in 2009 and soon after graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy, the Utah College of Massage Therapy- Master Bodyworker program, the Structural Integration Institute in Salt Lake City, and the Colorado School of Healing Arts- Associates of Occupational Specialties degree. My additional continuing education credits have been focused on the Thomas Myers- Anatomy Trains and Fascia in Movement, as well as addressing nerve plexus entrapments and intra-oral massage for TMJD and other muscle issues within the face and neck.

For Fun:  When not in session I spend my spare time with my newborn Talon, wife Ariane, and rat terrier Ledeux. I have a passion and joy for outdoor activities like rock climbing, stand-up paddle boarding,   trail running/hiking, camping, snow shoeing, slack lining, and anything else that keeps me active mentally and physically.

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Thank you so much

You are a very special person. I was very lucky to have you for my Physical Therapist. My best day was going around the bike and getting my “happy dance” reward. Thank you so much. "
- Ray & Kathleen H.
  Lakewood, CO
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